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The Feminine Career Challenge

the feminine career challenge

The statistics are in: while the Total Entrepreneurial Activity rate in Singapore declined to 5.0% in 2003 from 5.9% in 2002, female entrepreneurs here have counteracted the decline with an increase in activity rate from 2.7% to 3.5%, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) study conducted by the NUS Entrepreneurship Centre in 2003.

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That’s Life… ( that is.)

Think sits down with Claus Kroyer, managing director for the lifestyle and dating websites, and Guide2 party, for a bit of a chat regarding this triumvirate of internet portals which are poised to dominate the online scene in time to come. Dressed casually but classily, Claus let me in on a few secrets regarding the development in Singapore and the recent takeover of Nightlife by Guide2party…

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Man of zines: Adriaan Nijen Twilhaar

Just one day before the Minister Mentor gave a great speech on how Singapore has to seek new ways (less prohibitive ways, he emphasized) of thinking, Think sat down with Adriaan Nijen Twilhaar, the Dutch founder of the controversial magazine Manazine for a coffee and a chat.

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Singaporean models speak up!

There was a scene in Sex And The City where Miranda discovers a “modelizer” – a man obsessed with models and who exclusively dates them. Models are fascinating. They live in another otherwordly realm, these beautiful creatures of eternal youth.

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