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Why teach Thinking in Singapore?

The word ‘creativity’ has so many diverse meanings and interpretations. I remember telling an audience of teachers that creating a mess is also creative as long as new things and views are being conjured up. This led to much laughter and discussion about the meaning of ‘creativity’ (this notion of ‘creative mess’ was taken from master-thinker, Dr Edward de Bono).

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Das school is cool!

Art is taken rather seriously these days. Not only do we have various local art schools trying to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the arts, other international schools are doing so too. Enter the German European School Singapore (GESS).

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Mani Joseph: A Man on a Mission

A social worker like no other, Mani Joseph is indeed a notch above the rest when it comes to giving back to society. As principal consultant of the De Montfort Youth and Family Consultancy Service which he set up a few years ago, Mani has plenty on his plate.

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