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The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival

The M1 Singapore Fringe Festival is back …with its fourth edition from the 16th to the 27th of January. Organised and curated by The Necessary Stage, this much anticipated festival promises to be exhilarating, edgy and thought-provoking, across a variety of genres.

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Death and the Maiden

Housewives will do anything for attention today. Murder, cut off their husband’s penis, have wild fantasies of being tortured by some secret government agent for The CAUSE.

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Animal Instinct

A multidiscilplinary group show featuring Tania De Rozario, Ye Shufang, Tan Wee Lit, Dana Lam, Hazel Lim, Shubigi Rao, Jane Porter, Marcia Ong, Joy Lee and Koh Tien Gui

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Art Practice, Art Space.

A space for the arts is valued by its potential to support a practice of art and also what is created within. One of the biggest challenges of artists is to find the space to develop and produce their art.

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Singapore Arts Festival

Art is a culmination of all things creative, unique and special. How special? Well it’s really all about individual expression and conveying various emotions through different mediums.

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