Carl’s Jr. exploded onto the fast-food scene and the consciousness of Singapore with an aggressive, in-your-face marketing campaign proclaiming the superiority of their burgers. Since then the burger joint has expanded, with new outlets opening in Suntec City and Plaza Singapura.

Honestly, it was with trepidation that I approached this assignment, my experiences with most fast food restaurants usually ending in tragedy, the worst being rushed to the hospital for stomach pumping. But I had no reason to fear. The server behind the counter greeted me cheerily with a “Welcome to Carl’s Jr.!” which was disorienting given the stony silence that greets you in most other fast-food establishments.

I ordered their new Bacon Swiss Chicken burger meal, a burger that gives you exactly what it says – bacon with Swiss cheese on top of a chicken patty. I received an empty cup to get my own soft-drink, it was refillable, so I could drink my fill!

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Next to the drinks was what probably the highlight of my Carl’s Jr’s experience; freshly made salsa, tangy and crisp, with strong undertones of coriander and garlic, delectable with the right twist of tomato and peppers. When the food arrived, served by a cheery waiter, I dug into my bacon-cheese-chicken sandwich with delight. The next thing that gets you are the portions – the burgers are HUGE, almost too large for my small Asian mouth to take.

The result was fillings and vegetables and sauce spilling everywhere, but they kindly provide serviette dispensers at every table to make up for this contingency. The chicken patty was juicy and the bacon was crisp, with the cheese melted to a salty, creamy finish, providing just the right texture in contrast with the fresh lettuce and tomato – comparisons to the dry and puny McChicken spring to mind – and was consumed in seconds. The shoestring fries were crisp, and with the salsa sauce became rather addictive. The waiter provided a cheery goodbye once we concluded the meal and left – full marks good service and prompt delivery!.

So in conclusion, the premium you pay at Carl’s Jr.’s is for the large, quality portions, the stellar service, the refillable drinks and the thoughtful extras that you can’t get at any other fast-food chain. Suffice to say Carl Jr.’s position is at the top of the high-end fast food market.

Marina Square, 6 Raffles Blvd. #01-202/203 Tel: +65 6720 2720, and Robinson Tower, No. 30 Robinson Road, #01-01A, Tel: +65 6820 2720

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