Our eyebrows play a pivotal role in framing our faces. Unfortunately, they are often a much-neglected facial feature. Very few people are lucky enough to have naturally ample and defined eyebrows. Most of us do not pay enough attention to properly groom our brows tidily into shape. The male brow tends to be overly thick and unruly. On the other hand, the female brow is often too sparse and thin.

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I learnt of a place aptly called “BrowHaus”, which specialises in offering all sorts of eyebrow and eyelash grooming treatments. Whoever thought that there could be several things one could do to enhance the beauty of their brows or lashes?

The best thing is, these treatments are done comfortably and privately all under one roof. If you are pressed for time, you can even get a manicure done, while having your eyebrows simultaneously tweezed into arched perfection. Feeling slightly curious and sceptical, I decided to check out this innovative one-stop concept for myself.

Inspired and named after the Bauhaus art movement, “BrowHaus” is a stark and stylish beauty haven with white textured walls. The partitions are made out of thick white Velcro strips that are interestingly woven into a basket weave. Karen, the svelte and savvy chief therapist/ trainer greeted me politely and proceeded to explain what their star treatment “Brow Resurrection Version 2.1” was all about. I was then promptly ushered to a large comfortable white leather swivel chair not unlike those that you see at the barber’s.

I have to admit that I was at first very apprehensive and sceptical about going through the Brow Resurrection. The idea of possessing a set of artificial looking tattooed eyebrows did appeal to me one bit. Turns out I was simply very misinformed.

Patient Karen had to re-educate and reassure me about the entire procedure by showing me “before-and-after” visuals. The photos looked surprisingly natural and realistic. I was finally put at ease and granted her the permission to start working her magic on my eyebrows.

Unlike the traditional eyebrow embroidery offered elsewhere, Brow Resurrection is controlled by the therapist’s hand rather than by an automated machine. This allows the therapist to fully control the intensity and depth of each stroke. Karen proceeded to mix various brown dyes derived from plant extracts in order to customise the right shade to match my brows. She then gently cleansed my eyebrows before applying a thin layer of antiseptic numbing cream over them.


By utilising a special curved needle, she skillfully “weaved” the pigments into my brow area. I felt a slight prickled sensation, followed by mild pain. The whole procedure took approximately half an hour and the pain was well within tolerable limits. It felt like having your eyebrows plucked. At the end of it, my eyebrows looked fuller and thicker. The entire shape of the brows was also better defined with an amazingly natural 3-D appearance. I was extremely delighted by what I saw. To alleviate the redness, itchiness and swelling, I was instructed to apply “No Trauma Drama” ($20), which is a blend of special botanicals and vitamin E. The next day, scabs started to form and that caused my brows to look a little too intense. I was advised to keep the scabs dry for a couple of days.

Thankfully, the scabs started to fall off after only a few days.

The cost of Brow Resurrection Version 2.1 varies depending on how much work needs to be done. A full set of brows will cost $800, while a simple fine-tuning costs $100. The procedure is semi-permanent and can last up to a year if well maintained. I now have a thick and shapely set of eyebrows that I can be proud of. I strongly recommend Brow Resurrection to anyone who has sparse eyebrows or bald patches that needs filling up.

Information: BrowHaus is conveniently located at #05-11 Paragon Shopping Centre. For appointments please call 6737 6585 or 6737 6586. The newly opened Browhaus Wheelock is located at #03-04 Wheelock Place. For appointments please call 6732 0070. Both locations are opened from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 9pm and on Sundays from 10am to 7pm.

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