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BrothAfter an extreme makeover lasting over 2 months, Broth officially re-opened in mid-July revealing a new look even tastier than the food they serve. And like any good kitchen, they know that inspiration comes from many sources… and turns up in some interesting combinations.

Located in a quaint colonial shophouse upon Duxton Hill, they’ve spruced up the walls with a beautiful combination or washed lime and rich, sultry teak paneling. Dominating the room are large antique dining room mirrors, allowing you to glimpse the details reflected from every aspect of this lovely venue, making you feel every bit of grandeur associated with such stately mirrors in a city full of feng shui paranoia.

Even more fantastic is the unique flooring, a stunning terrazzo floor of Botticino marble chips, black marquena pebbles and brown glass mosaic bound in a beige oxide base with polished brass strip inlays, fusing the modernesque with the flavours of old money. And this is all after you’ve grandly entered through the rustic wrought iron and clear glass entrance with oversized doors, connecting the interior by way of a charming cobble stone street.

Did I even mention the food yet? The interior is enough to make you hungry, but wait until you see their new menu! For starters, try the well worth it Basil marinated marlin with avocado, roast capsicums and a subtle balsamic reduction with olive oil or the very satisfying and good for you baby spinach salad with portobello mushrooms, sun dried tomato and a shallot oil. The soup (or broth as they call it naturally, smelled delicious as it passed by my table, but I simply had to try the Australian sirloin steak with a rich truffle hollandaise and home made potato fritters… one bite and my heart was racing, but I’m not too sure if it was the taste or the cholesterol intake… either way, it was worth it!

Even though it was too early for me to drink, I did notice they have also installed a brand new wine cellar, which means a much, much larger wine list with old world wines taking their rightful place on what was previously a list devoted entirely to the new world.

21 Duxton Hill, Reservations: +65 6323 3353

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