Meat lovers will swoon over the heady cuts of beef, pork, lamb and chicken in their myriad cuts, but the buffet table ensures that vegetarians are not left out.

Watching the passador expertly slice fillets of meat off the sizzling hunks on the skewers is enough to work up a ravenous appetite.

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Churrascaria restaurants usually have their passadors serve the meat personally to the customers table continuously, however, over at Mamma Lucia, you can regulate portions with a handy “hold serve” or “continue” card.

Brazilian Churrascaria by Mamma LuciaMamma Lucia’s medium rare cut of beef is de rigueur for the best dining experience. Not to be left out are their lamb and pork offerings, which are no less exceptional. Pork sausages and grilled seafood complete the package for this establishment.

Look forward to a tangy, lightly salted dessert of grilled pineapple slices, or a snappy lemoneino sorbet from the bar.

Mamma Lucia also owns an Italian branch specializing in home cooked food next door and a caf6 with a penchant for Italian coffee and sandwiches across the street.

– Mamma Lucia Brazilian Churrascaria, 11 Unity Street, #01-03/04 Robertson Walk, Tel: +65 6734 9445,

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