Brasserie WolfFor the uninitiated, brasseries are restaurants that offer hearty food in a casual setting. Typically Parisian, you won’t find that many authentic brasseries here in Singapore. But before you can say ‘brasserie’, I would have you know that there is a new brasserie in town and it looks like it is set to astound; well in a good way of course. Managed by The Esmirada Group, Brasserie Wolf is as Parisian as it gets. You might feel a tad intimidated by the grand decor initially, but it’s really different once you enter. The staffs are all smiles and there’s no stiffness whatsoever, making it a comfortable experience.

Brasserie Wolf, in all its mahogany glory looks mighty fine. It’s located at The Pier at Robertson and faces the Singapore River but if I didn’t know better, I would have thought I was in Paris; or maybe just wishing I was! Parisian images flank the dark grained wood panels and provide a relaxed atmosphere with a pinch of chic style. Having an ambience isn’t all there is to a brasserie isn’t it?

Let’s talk about their food. Brasserie Wolf’s Executive Chef Philippe Nouzillat is a talented man and a dedicated one. He prefers to cook in authentic French style and one can actually taste the difference.

I don’t know about you, but I’m quite tired of fusion food where chefs try to put so many ingredients together, resulting in a mish-mash of flavours that don’t quite fit in. Perhaps I’m a purist and I like my food to be done in a way that does justice to the culture and history. So I was glad to know that Chef Philippe has every intention to keep his cuisine authentic.

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The menu was extensive and I was glad to find most French classics in there; especially the Gratinee à l’Oignon au Comte (Traditional French Onion Soup with Comte Cheese). This soup was absolutely divine. The aroma hits you before you take a spoonful and the authentic French feel starts to hit you as you finish up the soup bit by bit. The onions tasted sweet and soft.

The cheese complements the soup and the bread. Mmm the comte cheese comes soft, because of the warm soup and it swirls about in tasty fashion – finally a fantastic soup that’s food for the soul.

If anyone could taste heaven, this would be it – Terrine de Foie Gras de Canard (Duck Foie Gras Terrine with Toast). Immensely flavourful, each slice comes with a one way ticket to heaven. Forget the cholesterol. This is the real deal! It’s a glorious feeling to eat something so deep and rich that it melts in your mouth.

When I think of orange, I think Oriental. So I was curious to know how Chef Philippe would do his Demi Canard Rôti à l’Orange (Half Roasted Duck a l’Orange). The outcome? Totally refreshing. The zesty orange sauce and orange pieces gave oomph to the duck meat. The liqueur in the sauce goes well with the slightly rare duck. Overall, I liked the textured nuances which give a delicious bite.

For beef eaters, I highly recommend their Boeuf Bourguignon, Carottes Vichyssoises (Beef Bourguignon, Vichy Carrots). Imagine the great Elvis singing ‘Love me tender, love me dear’… Now, open your eyes and a bite of that seductive beef leads you to think that the beef could very well be doing an Elvis. How can someone eat this and not go into a cosmic realm of pleasure of all pleasures. Superb. It’s tender with a capital T!

With such decadent dishes, you would think there’d be no more space for dessert. But trust me, even if you’re full and feel as though you need to run out to get jeans a size bigger, you’d have to try the Crème Brulee a la Vanille (Vanilla Crème Brulee).

Brasserie Wolf uses real vanilla beans in their crème brulee so do not be alarmed to find black specks in your smooth custard. Silky and delightful, I almost shouted ‘mama mia’! Since I’m a huge dark chocolate fan, I tried the Mousse au Chocolat (Dark Chocolate Mousse) as well. Three words says it all: dark , simple, mysterious. Elegantly light and foamy, the mousse provides a sweet ending to a fantastic meal.

Brasserie Wolf, what can I say. The food is amazing, the ambience classy, glamourous, relaxed. It has the right mix of everything. I’m sold. This brasserie is a force to be reckoned with.

Brasserie Wolf, #01-13, The Pier at Robertson, 80 Mohamed Sultan Road, Tel:+65 6835-7818, Email:, Open: Sun to Thu (11am – 10:30pm), Fri & Sat (11am – 11pm)

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