Bottle Tree Pte Ltd, set up by Alex Neo, gets its name from the famous Bottle Trees in Australia. His fascination for the trees led him to shipping them down to Singapore, where he opened the Bottle Tree Village in 2004.

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The Village is located in an idyllic and serene corner of beautiful Sembawang. It is now home to four Bottle Trees and is also the first restaurant to obtain ISO 22000. With ample dining space, at either the shaded patios or just by the Johor Straits, experience alfresco dining by the sea under starlight or candle-light and be pampered with fine wine and good cuisine.

Bottle Tree Park at Yishun, the venture’s second branch, creates a contemporary yet natural, modern yet rustic environment. It offers visitors dining and leisure options such as a Chinese Seafood Restaurant, a small pond for Longkang Fishing, Prawn Fishing, Kids’ Pole Rod Fishing, DIY Vegetable Farming and many others.

Apart from bottle trees, grass trees, giant ferns and palms have also been imported from Australia. Bottle Tree Park alone has more than 30 types of fruit trees.

The venue also makes a great place to hold functions and events such as gala dinners, birthday parties, weddings, meetings and educational tours. It allows your guests to get intimate with Mother Nature in the midst of an urban city.

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