The Jewel Box at Mount Faber

The Jewel box at Mount FaberWhen you think of public toilets, images of small, smelly and dirty cubicles reeking of human waste come to mind.

Very few places have lavatories that are both clean and pleasing to all the senses. The “cream of the crop” of toilets in Singapore has got to be the one at the Jewel Box, which is located at the peak of Mount Faber.

Decked in mirrors, glass and steel, its “Under the sea” theme is apparent. Each cubicle has a mirror that allows you to adjust your crowing glory while you do your business! Morton Brown toiletries and fanned out paper towels are at your disposal.

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The glass windows at the washbasin area offer a breathtaking panoramic view of Harbourfront, Sentosa, and its environs.

The only downside is that others can peep into the toilet through the same glass windows from the other side. Perfect for those with an exhibitionistic streak!

If you like to dine high up and with a great view, visit The Jewel Box on Mount Faber, that now boasts two new contemporary Chinese restaurants – Sapphire and Empress Jade, housed in an impressive new building atop the hill that features an Angsana tree that pierces through the structure. (The National Parks Board had a hand in integrating the restaurant with its natural surroundings so as to preserve the environment).


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