Toy Factory

Toy Factory

15A Smith Street, Tel: (65) 6222 1526

Why They Won: From its humble beginnings in 1980 as a puppetry theatre company, the Toy Factory has evolved into a professional multi-disciplinary theatre company that has been amassing the Arts Awards and Life! Theatre Awards, and known for its zesty bilingual productions such as “Spirits” which debuted during the Jun Singapore Arts Festival 2005 and “Dangerous Liaisons” that won rave reviews for its unconventional interpretation of Christopher Hampton’s love story revolving around decadence, manipulation and cruel intentions, attracting an audience of about 3 000.

Acceptance Speech: “Wow, thank you THINK magazine readers for not only shedding wits but also sharing hearts!” – Mr Goh Boon Teck, Chief Artistic Director

Bet You Didn’t Know: According to a special Toy Factory tip-off, a mega production to watch for next year is “Cabaret”, involving a special secret Asian superstar which has been staged in other countries but never before in Singapore.

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