17 Jiak Kim Street Tel: (65) 6738 2988 www.zoukclub.com

Why They Won: We dare bet there isn’t anyone from ages 8 to 38 who does not know Zouk. (Erm yes maybe 8 is a tad early but hey, you’ll be surprised at how much they know nowadays!) It’s the club where every aspiring DJ hopes to spin at and where merry-makers hope to be seen at. Special mention has to be made of their Wine Bar with the space-themed canopy cafe seating outside and an indoor bar with fabulous Happy Hours on Friday according to the voters! And essentially, they’re the serious partiers with aggressive marketing who bring us happening events like Zouk Out and cool music spaces like Phuture and Velvet Underground.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Zouk was recently ranked among the Top 3 Clubs in the world, together with Pacha, Ibiza and Twilo, New York by main dance culture magazine, Ministry.

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