#01-06/08, Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade, Tel: (65) 6735 0400, Fax: (65) 6737 1854,

Why They Won: It was a close fight between Ballymoons and Mezza9, and Raffles Hotel’s Martini Bar, but Ballymoons won in the end. Perhaps if the new kid on the block, Color, has come in earlier, it might have gotten some of the votes too.

A good martini is an art. Considering that there are so many ways to make a martini, and hundreds of recipes now that plain vodka or gin martinis are out the window, and flavoured martinis are all the rage, the fun is to make a martini that has a great colour and tastes awesome. Not as simple as “shaken or stirred?” Though I have to say, the martini should thank Bond for the free advertising it gets, making it the gentleman’s drink. Ballymoons’ waiters are more than up to the task of making a martini exactly the way you want it. Extra cold, extra dry, twist of lemon? Coming right up? Don’t want an olive, want an onion? No problem. Served with side of gassy stomach. It’s your choice, and we completely agree with you. Oh, not forgetting Friday-tinis too. $10 for a martini. That’s definitely a yes.

House Specialty: Friday-tinis: All martinis $10 nett from 6.30pm till close, every Friday

Bet You Didn’t Know: Ernest Hemingway called his Martinis “Montgomery”, which was a martini mixed at a gin to vermouth ratio of 15:1 (these supposedly being the odds Field Marshall Montgomery wanted to have before going into battle).

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