Jazz @ Southbridge

Jazz @ Southbridge

82B Boat Quay, Tel: (65) 6327 4671, Fax: (65) 63274672, www.southbridgejazz.com.sg

Why they Won: It’s owned by a bunch of jazz-loving crazies, and they are the resident jazz band that performs there nightly. Considering the current dearth of jazz bars in Singapore (Harry’s is fast becoming a fast food chain kind of thing, doesn’t count), Jazz@Southbridge is really one of the best jazz bars to sit down in their superbly comfy armchairs, order a bottle of wine and chill. The owners are Filippinas, I believe, and they are pretty good at what they do. I also especially love the Japanese pianist, Aya Sekine, who makes the piano produce sounds pianos don’t usually perform, not even if you’re playing Gershwin. Eddie Chan plays a mean bass as well, and resident vocalist Maya Nova has the perfect voice to lull you into peace. Sundays are open mike nights, so feel free to go up and free yourself. Just make sure you do it without going out of tune.

Bet You Didn’t Know: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com /group/jazzsg has all the best info on Singapore’s jazz scene.

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