Esplanade, Customer hotline: (65) 6828 8377

Why They Won: By now, it’s probably world-renowned for its unique architecture which many compare the shape to our King of Fruit – the durian. Well, the cultural experience here is far from thorny, in fact going by the votes, folks think it is pretty exceptional In terms of acoustics, lighting, seats and the view etc. Packed chock-a-block with activities and performances, you can even get to enjoy free musical treats both indoors and outdoors! Esplanade has definitely boosted the local arts scene, provided a new performing venue for artistes and is helping to place Singapore on the global arts map.

Acceptance Speech: “Thank you Think! We’re delighted to have won. It means a lot to know it’s come from the readers, because we’ve made it a point to engage with the community – the best venues in the world wouldn’t make a difference if it weren’t also for what takes place in them and the people who make it happen. This is strong encouragement to staff and it’ll keep us going for a while.” – Pearl Lee, Director of Corporate Communications & Public Affairs at Esplanade

Bet You Didn’t Know: The quality of a hall is often measured based on how “quiet” the room is. Esplanade’s Concert Hall is so quiet that if someone’s stomach in front were to growl, someone at the back of the venue about 50 m away would be able to hear it!

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