Sim Lim Square

Sim Lim Square

1 Rochor Canal Road, Sim Lim Square

Why They Won: This is the Mustafa of electronics. Well, Mustafa sells electronics too, but not in as much abundance as Sim Lim. You name it, they probably have it. And if they don’t have it, you can bet Sim Lim Tower will stock it. Really, between these two buildings, you can probably build anything that needs a power supply.

WHAT WE LOVE: Rows and rows of gadgets, all selling at the same price. Even the Indians are cooperating on this one. Well, more or less. They still cut the best deal most of the time. Don’t get fazed by the big boys in front, and miss out on the small shops in the back rows and corners. They’ve got good stuff.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Sim Lim shopowners actually band together to do their advertising. Talk about friendliness in the trade.

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