The 1Nite Stand Comedy Club and Bar

The 1Nite Stand Comedy Club and Bar

1Nite Stand, 180 Orchard Road, Peranakan Place, 2nd Floor, Tel +65 6838 0281,,,

Why They Won: I always wanted to be a comedian. When I was young, I’d take my mom’s curling irons and pretend I was Woody Allen, without the bad ‘do and slightly incestuous stepdaughter relationship. But as I grew up, I discovered I was a nasty, bitter bastard who was better at biting people’s heads off than making them guffaw. So I became a writer. Still, while I can pull off a witty comeback or three, I’ve always admired people who can do real stand-up and make me laugh myself silly. And if you’re like me, you watch Russell Peters, and laugh at his lame-ass but amusing jokes. By the way, in case you don’t know, it’s called stand-up because these people actually are standing up when they make you laugh.

But unfortunately, Singapore doesn’t have that much of stand-up comedies. As much as I would like to choke out a forced laugh for America’s Funniest Home Videos, slapstick don’t do anything for me. While I love the occasional Ra-Ra show and drag queen feature at Gold Dust, I’ve heard many of my friends rave about The1NiteStand. I mean, with all the other things I got going on with my life, a good night of laughter and entertainment didn’t seem to be too much of a priority, as compared with tons of work, doing my laundry and scrubbing out the toilet bowl. Fun!

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The1NiteStand is a British pub, and they don’t attempt to hide it. From the set-up to the beer-guzzling and pizza-swallowing crowd that speak like their noses are kinda stuck, and the music that they spin while the British guys aren’t up on stage making you laugh. But the moment they hit the stage, all thoughts of continental discrimination go out the door. It’s not surprising that the majority of customers are expatriates, from Canada to Australia. Some locals are present, usually the middle-aged. I was most certainly one of the youngest though I didn’t get a chance to feel left out. An excellent audience warmer by the name of Andrew Bird had me getting all excited for whoever might be the comedian for the night. I was there for some British guy who was good at the typical stand-up, kind of “Your house stinks.” statements. I certainly enjoyed his anecdotes, but the man who stole the show was this African-American guy, Reginald.

R has done the show several times, and well, some people might find his show rather sexual, and just a bit rude. I didn’t. What with all the “motherf___ing” and swearing, it sounded like a night out with my “mates”, and at least he made me laugh. He handles serious stuff like racism with a laugh, and that’s when you realise such stuff is really rather ridiculous. Well call me biased, but when someone manages to put Nietzche and looking at your pucker together and make it funny, you have to admit, there’s a talent.

The1NiteStand might be a bit pricey, but hey you get a pizza out of it, and a good laugh to relax you, so it’s very, very much worth it. By the time the show ends, you’ll wish it wasn’t just 1 nite, but was every night. 

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