Flea Markets


Why They Won: You want second-hand stuff, and you like your vintage things. Apparently those secondhand stores in oldish towns like Toa Payoh don’t cut it for our readers. Check out Singapore’s flea markets. There’s one on all the time at Jalan Besar, one at China Square Central on the weekends, Zouk has a flea market from time to time, and Tanglin Mall has one on Sundays too.

WHY YOU SHOULD GO: You should go because you can get really good stuff from these places. Out of production Rollei cameras, gramophones, old records, cool vintage stuff that gives the house a touch of glamour. There’s nothing like a good bargain at a flea market to give you a rush of adrenaline. It almost feels like you’re back in Bangkok again.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Generally, flea connotes low-rent or cheap, because such places were often infested with fleas. The term flea market is a translation of the French marche aux puces, literally “market with fleas,” an open-air market where second hand goods are sold.

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