Ice Cold Beer

Ice Cold Beer

9 Emerald Hill, Tel: (65) 6735 9929, and 50 Stamford Rd #01-01 Singapore 178899, LEE KONG CHIAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS SMU, Tel: (65) 6837 3585,

Why They Won: Ice Cold Beer, means literally that: you get your beer served ice cold because they have special ice tanks the first of their kind in Singapore, making this he only pub in Singapore with dozens of brands from around the globe. cheekly called it a “United Nations of beer” which is not too far off when you consider that they have a “passport” listing all the beers they carry, and if you taste all beers within the 3-month period you become a “graduate of the University of ICB”, with an accreditation for “Master of Beer Addiction”

House Specialty: It’s the beer, duh.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Ice Cold Beer was the first and still is the only bar in Singapore to provide glass frosters to chill the beer glasses to the maximum. Cooling beer glasses down to -3°C definitely helps keep the beer icy-cold for a long time.

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