Sonny @ Roomful of Blues

Sonny @ Roomful of Blues

72 Prinsep Street, Tel: (65) 6837 0882

Why he Won: Our readers love his bartending. This isn’t a flairtending competition, so we’re not talking about who can keep the most number of bottles in the air. But Sonny is unassuming, friendly, has a good sense of humour and makes a whopper of a Long Island tea that makes you want more. In fact he’s so unassuming, he wanted to turn down your choice!

Unfortunately, the title is not refundable or exchangeable, so he’ll just have to live with it. Sonny started learning tending a decade ago, and is a professional and cool bartender. He’s more than a bartender, since he mans the counter, sound system and bar at Roomful of Blues. Value for money. Catch your pick in action at this jazz bar along Prinsep Street!

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