UOB Asia Ltd

UOB Asia Ltd

Raffles Pl, #21-21 UOB Plaza 2, Tel: (65) 6533 9898, Fax: (65) 6534 2334, www.uob.com.sg

Why They Won: It’s one of the biggest banks in Singapore, and one of the most professional local/regional banks. I mean, seriously, DBS sometimes feels like a local wet market, but UOB still looks classy and cool. The staff are always friendly, whether you’re putting in $5,000 or $500,000, though I suspect you might get a bottle of champagne with the latter.

WE LOVE: the fact that the Mini card is free for life, and you can get one on opening an account with them. Cool! Though I’m not sure why I should by so psyched over a card that can sit comfortably in my palm. It just seems cool huh?

Bet You Didn’t Know: Moody’s gave UOB a rating of B. I’m not sure why I care. After Enron, I’m not too certain who to trust anymore.

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