Cony Arts

Cony Arts

177 River Valley Road #03-39 Liang Court, Tel: (65) 6738 6672

Why They Won: Specialising in a wide range of antique oriental ceramics and porcelains spanning the Chinese Dynasties like this 13th Century Stemcup in picture which during a quick chat with friendly shop owner Tony Yang revealed that such rare stemcups can go as high as $2 million! Cony Arts also provides its customers with ancient Japanese and Thai antique pieces. You might like to visit their virtual 24-hour gallery at for a quick idea of their listed items.

Acceptance Speech: “We thank all our patrons that voted Cony Art Gallery to be their best Antique gallery. We will strive to serve you better” – Tony

Bet You Didn’t Know: 85% of Cony Art’s customers make advance appointments. Tony shared, “Visiting an antique gallery is no longer like visiting your neighborhood shop. It is more like visiting your cardiologist which in this case would be the “antique doctor” to avoid heart attacks which might result from unknowingly purchasing fake antiques.”

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