Velvet Underground

Velvet Underground

117 Jiak Kim Street, Tel: (65) 6738 2988, Fax: (65) 6738 3988, email:,

Why they Won: It’s the working adult Thinker’s favourite after-work hangout. After Zouk complex’s renovation, Velvet finally looks velvet. Purple walls and new graffiti-like artwork adorn the walls, giving it a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere than before. Accompanied by excellent music, Velvet has become even better to relieve the stresses of the day, either dancing your troubles away, or drinking them away.

House Specialty: Midnight Madness, 1 for 1 drink prices until 12pm.

FROM A CUTE ZOUK REGULAR: “What will I say if anyone asks me which club I wanna go to? I’ll say “ZOUK” without hesitating…Zouk is the first club I went to…I love their house music. It’s so relaxed especially when you’re kind of drunk. I prefer going on the Mambos night which is on Wednesday and on Saturday…1 word to describe Zouk is irresistible. Those who never club Zouk before, I’ll encourage you guys to try it out!! – Michelle

Bet You Didn’t Know: Zouk is named after the French Creole word for ‘party’. The three old warehouses that make up the original Zouk were built in 1919 on the Singapore River.

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