Clairvoyance (from the French word meaning “clear seeing”) is the ability to read people and see through their auras by the means of intuitive perception or by using the “third eye”. A true psychic can see and know information about your life experiences just by sensing and tapping into your energy centers or “chakras”.

Professional clairvoyants, such as Mr Erich Horn and Ms Esta Mun use their special abilities to offer perspectives and insights to enrich their clients’ lives. Erich is a gifted psychic reader, healer and teacher. He has been a full time practicing clairvoyant for over two decades and has since made a name for himself.

His center offers services and classes such as clairvoyant aura readings, energy healing courses, energy meditation technique courses, etc. Such courses attract people from all walks of life and age groups.

Erich Horn

According to Erich, everyone has innate psychic abilities that can be nurtured and realised on a daily basis. With regular practice and meditation, students would be more in touch with their inner voice and can then focus on their life paths feeling much more empowered.

Erich’s main goal is to impart his knowledge and skills unto others so that they would be able to heal themselves. He also noted that people who are most skeptical in the beginning usually end up taking the most classes in the end.

Energy healing works by removing blocks and fine-tuning the charkas. By releasing pent up negatively charged energy, people gain better control over their awareness. An average healing session usually takes about half an hour and is offered free at the “Be Psychic” center.

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Erich made some bizarre sweeping hand gestures as he proceeded to heal the negative blocked energy in and surrounding me.

I felt warm tingling sensations on my temples and back. During the session, Erich remarked that he too was getting healed at the same time while he was conducting the healing on me.

Sensing that I was perplexed, he clarified, “When you are healing others, there is a possibility that your own negative ailments can be stimulated by the person you are working with who has the same ailments. Learning to release this latent energy means that you also get a healing simultaneously while giving one.”

Esta Mun

Petit and soft-spoken Esta fascinated me by how she could instantly tap into my energy fields so effortlessly. I was flabbergasted that she could tell me things about myself with such pinpoint accuracy when we have never met before.

Just by reading my auras and interpreting the symbols she saw, Esta was able to draw insights about my psyche that others would never know about.

She also claims that she could do remote readings without even being in the same room as the person. Esta proceeded to explain to me that the concepts of space and time have no bearings over psychic abilities.

A former student of Erich’s, Esta currently specialises in teaching the women’s healing course. A highlight of that course is the “out of body healing” experience, which is helpful in addressing the biological issues specific to women. Enlightened Esta mediates for a full hour every morning before heading to work and she strongly recommends the energy meditation course for everyone.

She enthuses, “Mediation centers your being and assists in helping you to differentiate between your emotions, thoughts and intuition. You can see and feel the positive effects almost instantaneously. Try it for yourself before you make any judgments. Always keep an open mind.”

Be Psychic is located at 111 North Bridge Road, #05-34 Peninsula Plaza, Tel: 9762 5349

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