In the Thieves' Market, everything's a steal!
In the Thieves’ Market, everything’s a steal!
for $10 Store,
So many bargains at the 3 for $10 Store, you’ll make new friends just to give gifts to them.
ABC Bargain Centre
Saving money is as easy as ABC at Bugis Village.

So says my dad, and he’s a wiser man than I. Here in Singapore, they love a bargain, but for some reason, shun second-hand goods as low class. Not me, and that makes for the best of both worlds.

First on my list of shopping paradises is the Thieves’ Market in Sungei Road which has enjoyed a bit of a revival these days. Here you can find hidden treasures and tons of junk, all for very good prices, and always open to haggling.

If you’re just visiting, or need to send the folks home something with Singapore printed on it, then the 3 for $10 store in the People Park Complex has far too many choices to choose from. They also have lots of decorative stuff for the home as well, and watches and sunglasses.

And finally, the ABC Bargain Centre (233/235 Victoria Street tel: +65 6339 5807) in Bugis Village has everything for the home at prices that will just blow your mind, like 36 rolls of toilet paper for $4, and a large jar of instant Nestle coffee for $5! You can find so many things here that you won’t be able to fit them all in the taxi. So there you have it, four tips which will save you precious money and still satisfy your shopping urges!

The New 2U Thrift ShopGiving second hand a helping hand

In San Francisco, I once bought a black, heavy, herring-bone winter coat in mint condition at a thrift-shop sale. The regular price was US$5.00. All coats were half-price that day, so I paid $2.50 for it.

It received many compliments from my friends and some strangers. One day someone asked what I paid for it. I told them, honestly, that it was five, but I got it for half price: two-fifty. The response: “Even five hundred dollars is a good deal for that coat.”

Yes, at thrift shops you can move decimal points around like that! The New 2U Thrift Shop offers a variety of men’s and women’s apparel at reasonable prices, with all proceeds going to the work of SCWO and the Star Shelter.

Small furniture, housewares, books and bric-a-brac round out the inventory. The shop, while small, boasts a wide selecThe New 2U Thrift Shoption of clean inexpensive items, and has a very friendly, fun staff and loyal customer base. But more than just shopping there, they are looking for donations, and volunteers to sort, hang, price and display the wide variety of wonderful donated merchandise. A good eye for quality and fashion is helpful, but not more than the enjoyment of doing something good with your free time!


Open Mon. – Fri. 0:30am to 2:30pm (11am to 4pm on 1st Sun. of the month), and is located at 96 Waterloo Street in the SCWO Centre, Tel: +65 6837 0611

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