My friends all love pool. I’m really not a fan myself, so I can’t exactly say why it’s so much fun to be knocking balls into holes, and yelling “Score!” everytime something goes in. (Hmm, I think I’ve just answered my own question.)

Still, I figure the reason why people like to play pool is the same reason why twenty-two men are running all around a field kicking a small ball into a much bigger net, or ten people shooting hoops, and thousands of straight men rush to watch them sweat it out and brush against each other.

When you think about it, it’s so gay, it’s looped around to being straight.

Pool Junction and the Labyrinth

It’s actually two separate places under the same management, but they are located next to each other. Well, technically, one above and one below – Labyrinth is actually in the basement. Pool Junction is well known throughout Singapore for being one of the few pool places that are open 24 hours. So whenever you don’t feel like going home, or need a marathon session of pool with buddies, it’s the place to go. Pool Junction also serves food, albeit not at fantastic standards, but in the middle of the night, there isn’t much of a choice is there? Pool Junction is first a pool room, and second a dining place, and then a drinking hole, so it’s rather brightly lit, but fret not, ladies and gentlemen just there to hang out with friends who are busy scoring have our national sport soccer to catch on TV. (Yay! I’ve hit jackpot and won a dull night.)

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Labyrinth is much more a pool bar as we like. Clothed in dark purple, it has a rather gorgeous ambience and great music that keeps you going. With plenty of tables to play on, you’re spoiled for choice. And like Pool Junction, their tables are maintained daily, so you know that when you’re shooting, and it’s not going into the hole, you know you can’t blame the table or the excellent cues they use and sell, by Cue Factor.

And alcohol is CHEAP. There’s like a 30% discount all the time for all drinks, so just chug away at the vodka or beers, and keep it going. The only time you should be stopping for breath is if you’re hitting the snooker balls.

– Pool Junction and the Labyrinth, 210 Middle Road #01- 01, IOI Plaza, 63335535,
Pool Room Bar @ dbl

It’s located upstairs of O Bar, next to dbl0. If you’ve been there before, then you’ll know Pool Room Bar (PRB) is the clean and quieter place where people are seriously playing pool, while crazy and drunk people are jumping up and down about 50 meters away at dbl0’s dance floor. I think PRB must save a lot on the music and sound; after all, it has free music piping in from dbl0.

People who want alcohol and a fantastic pool table all know to come here, for they use only top quality competition level tables (the Brunswick Gold Crown IV) from the world renowned Brunswick, USA. It’s like to “Rolls Royce” of pool tables, so don’t even THINK about lying on them with your legs spread, or dancing atop the table. If you visit the place often, do join as a member, because table rental rates are not cheap. But like I always say, you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Oh, and remember to dress properly. If you look like a hobo, you’re gonna be kicked out like a hobo.

– Pool Room Bar @ dblo, 11 Unity St, #01-24 Robertson Walk, 6735 2008,

Lee Pool Bar

This is a very quiet place, located right above Happy, one of the hottest and hippest clubs in Singapore now. Still, despite all the noise from downstairs, it’s a great pool place, and cheap beer to keep you going. Of course, you might just decide to head downstairs and join all the chicks dancing. I mean, why play with marbles when you can have bowling balls? If you wanna hit the pool table hard, you know where to go. Just make sure you don’t embarrass yourself there, so brush up on your skills before going to play there. Otherwise, you’re gonna be the laughing stock of the entire room. Not a good way to impress a date.

Lee Pool Bar, 21 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Level 2

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