Chef Patrick HeubergerThis beautiful French restaurant situated near Holland Road offers Singaporeans an insight to the flavours of France.

With a menu consisting of foods like the ratatouille, sauces like the coulis and desserts of choux buns, it is truly an eye-opener for the adventurous eater, new to French cuisine.

For those who already love this cuisine, the restaurant surely offers a divinely exquisite experience with its high-end layout and richly adorned lists of French foods.

Chef Patrick Heuberger’s menu is divided into the Executive Set Lunch, Set Lunch and Set Dinner sections with the respective prices of $45, $25 and $85 each.

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The A La Carte portion of the menu introduces cold and hot entrees to your already tingling palate and in all, be prepared to be salivating over the different concoctions of entrees, plats and desserts available to you.

lamb chopsTheir signature dish and a most famous French dish is the foie gras, which is duck or goose liver, usually cooked in a succulently, soft and juicy manner. This is a must-try for lovers of good food.

You do not know the French world till you tried their foie gras…

Then you might just find yourself lured in by the burst of a new taste sensation you acquire through the flavours of this meal, and perhaps you might just fall in love with the cultural, artistic spirit of France.

Au Petit Salut 40C Harding Road ( Dempsey Road- Minden Cluster) For reservations, please call +65 6475 1976.

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