Unit 4B is currently used by Dorothy Lye, Ng Siok Hoon, Lee Chun Ping and Chia Wei Hou. Dorothy is known for her sculptures, but she has been painting due to the lack of space to work. This apartment will allow her the space to create new sculptures. Wei Hou uses his space more as a place to get away and think about his work and his relationship with art. He works with paints and photography.

Unit 8A has a somewhat eclectic mix of tenants:

Cyril Wong is a writer focused on poetry. He has four published books of poetry to date and have collaborated with many other artists in performance. He also edits his international poetry journal online, SOFTBLOW (www.softblow.com). Cyril does a lot of writing in the apartment.

Koh Beng Liang also has a book of poetry but is perhaps better known for his work on his internet magazine, the2ndrule (www.the2ndrule.com), featuring writing, digital photography and music. Beng Liang does some of his work in the apartment, including mixing the Instant Cafe Radio Show and beatboxing.

Wilson Goh is a singer and director of a vocal ensemble he founded called The Singers. They have just completed a successful concert featuring local premieres of choral works including one of a young local composer. Having worked with illustrators, film makers and photographers, Wilson continues to include other media within vocal performance and maintains The Singers as a platform for local composers. The Singers rehearses in the apartment.

Karee Dahl, ‘cotton drawing – profiler,’ 2003, poly/cotton thread & glue, mans size 14. ©

Unit 10B is inhabited by two Australian artists, Karee Dahl and Colin Reaney. Being practicing artists themselves they were encouraged to set up their company kSd//cGr ART PROFILERS. They profile, broker and negotiate art, artists, artworks. Their own practices are the source for the commitment, determination and drive in this business venture.

For Karee and Colin, their arrival and subsequent 6-year sojourn in Singapore has proven very fruitful for their art practices. They both continue to work collaboratively with fellow Perumal Road artist Juliana Yasin since their meeting in 1998.

Karee Dahl, Colin Reaney, ‘series /fabrications according to measured drawings/,’ 2004, light box on wheels, 51 x 111 x 13cm ©

Perumal Road has unexpectedly become a little artists’ village, attracting like-minded artists to create a stimulating environment of interaction and exchange of ideas and critical opinions.

All these artists continue to make use of this space in Perumal to conceptualize and develop their work and hone their craft. What is precious about this place is that every piece of work, whether completed or in-progress, comes with such honesty that one can almost feel the completeness art brings to life. Perhaps Perumal is truly a place where artists are free to create.

Karee Dahl, Colin Reaney, 'series /fabrications according to measured drawings/,' 2004, light box on wheels, 51 x 111 x 13cm ©

Karee Dahl, Colin Reaney, ‘series /fabrications according to measured drawings/,’ 2004, light box on wheels, 51 x 111 x 13cm ©

If you would like to visit these art studios in Perumal, please make an appointment with:

p-10: 10 Perumal Road, Tel: 6294 0041, email: admin@p-10.org • 14A StudioS: email: chuyiac@starhub.net.sg • Perumal Studios: 12A Perumal Road, email: ndovulee@yahoo.co.uk • 4B: 4B Perumal Road, Email: chia_wei_hou@moe.edu.sg

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