Unit 10 is now the home of p-10, an independent project space initiated by five young artists: Lee Sze-Chin, Lim Kok Boon, Charles Lim, Woon Tien Wei and Jennifer Teo. It is perhaps the only one of its kind in Singapore, being the first to curate the process of art as opposed to art itself. We shall feature more of p-10 when we further discuss the concept of facilitating ideas in the arts. While it is not so much of an art studio or even a gallery, it provides a space for interaction between artists and their ideas. Find out more from their website www.p-10.org . p-10 also has two rooms on long term rental by visual artists, Cheong Kah Kit and Tan Wil-kie.

Cheong Kah Kit, untitled, 2001, pen on paper, 21 x 30 cm.

Room 1: Cheong Kah Kit

Kit is currently working on an installation piece for Plastique Kinetic Worms. For this work, he will read novels by Haruki Murakami to look for a particular phrase, and at the same time draw lines on pieces of blank paper as a physical reflection of reading.

This takes the ideas of searching within and between the lines.

The pages will be bound into a book and displayed. This installation also echoes his own work of illustrations on various kinds of paper using a variety of pens and pencils, drawing anything that comes to him. This again relates to the idea of lines as a manifestation of thought.