What does furniture maker Anthony Furnisshen and luxury car owners have in common? A love for sleek, voguish design and desire for uncompromising quality in possessions to satisfy their creature comforts. Whether it will be the love for a super race machine or an exquisite lounge chair for the living room, Anthony Furnisshen feeds this passion by creating exclusive, original furniture inspired by super car models so their owners will no longer have to leave their sizzling wheels in the driveway.

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Jut check it: Anthony Furnishhen’s recent masterpiece – the “Flamboient” collection, modeled after the curvaceous Ferrari F430, was auctioned off to a proud Ferrari F430 owner at a recent closed-door, Ferrari Club event held here in Singapore.

“Everyone loved the “Flamboient” collection, with all its curves, sleekness and stylishness of the Ferrari F430, making it a delightfully interesting piece,” said one organizer of the event and a Ferrari F430 owner himself. Clearly disappointed having lost the bid he added, “We are all so impressed by the high-quality of finishing and materials used and most especially, the designer’s creative ingenuity in bringing the Ferrari into the living room, literally.”

Catering to luxury brand aficionados, who snap up everything associated with their favorite brands, Anthony Furnisshen, an avant-garde boutique furniture design company that customizes and creates limited editions of designer furniture for its elite clientele, has embarked on a mission to integrate the functions and styles of high luxury brands into furniture. Through Anthony Furnisshen’s experience in dealing with high-end clients, they have identified the strong sense of affinity that the wealthy feel for their cars. And don’t worry about looking like Joey Tribiani in that Friends episode, when Chandler told him that he looked like “a Porsche threw up all over you,” the style of this furniture is subtle yet unmistakeably stylish.

Anthony Furnisshen’s Website

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