For a lot of people, “the arts” is a nice notion, a thing for kids to do before they “get real” and get a job. But growing behind the background of such misguided perceptions, the arts are slowly taking root here in Singapore, although it has a long way to go until it really has the power to make a difference.

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One space making a difference is 72-13 ICAA, the official home of TheatreWorks. Located in a former rice warehouse, this multi-use space functions as a place to hold exhibitions, performances (capacity about 250) and whatever expression the mind can conceive.

And germinating like rice in its native soil, the ICAA is all about collaborations and multi-disciplinary experimentation, an Asian home for the world of arts. They house residencies from around the globe and down the block as part of the Singapore Creative Arts Nucleus (SCAN), which aims to nurture young talents by exposing them to international ideas and local experience.

Be sure to check out installations, or the performance pieces. I was lucky enough to catch “The Elegy of A Man and His Weapon of Choice” a collaboration by Rizman Putra with Zulkifie Mahmod and Robert Guth. The show was free, don’t know if all are, so call +65 6737 7213 or email for reservation or just to see what’s up.

72-13 ICAA is located at 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Rd.

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