Antarctica has the coldest climate on earth and is without a doubt one of those destinations that has an incredible aura. On one hand it is totally accessible, but on the other it is very accessible to anybody. If you are planning to make the trip to Ushuaia and then cross the Drake passage to Antarctica, it is important to know some tips beforehand




Speak to your tour operator

I cannot stress this enough! Your tour operator is the perfect person to ask about anything, because they are running the tour. Important questions to answer are things like what is included in the price and what options are there for the cruise ship you are on. For example, smaller ships can go where bigger cruise ships cannot and your wish may not exactly fit in with the wishes of the tour operator. Therefore it is important that you are satisfied before you are booking.




It is extremely important to know that you will be insured in the event of an emergency. Evacuation from Antarctica can be unbelievably expensive and if you are unlucky enough for it to happen you may be liable to pay up to $30,000 US to cover the costs. Therefore you need to ensure that you either have the proper insurance yourself or that this is included in the price of your tour. Whatever the case, this really is a small price to pay for some peace of mind.


Pack the right clothes

Again speaking to your tour operator is important for ascertaining the right clothes to bring and usually they will provide you with a comprehensive packing list. Make no mistake, Antarctica is extremely cold, but the temperature can vary in summer and you may find yourself a bit warm and certainly cold. It is therefore important to pack layers for your trip, as you can easily take one layer off if it is too cold and vice versa.


Make sure you are physically fit

Although you may not necessarily be participating in strenuous activity whilst in Antarctica, it is a good idea to make sure that you are physically fit before you go. In this way you will deal with the weather much better and you can also take part in some physically demanding activities if you wish. I would highly recommend visiting a doctor before heading off to ensure that you are in the best physical shape possible.


Bring backups

Antarctica can be a rough place and having a spare set of batteries, memory cards, medications, etc will be the best way to ensure your holiday is running smoothly. It is important to remember that once the trip is underway there really is very little in terms of civilisation and it really isn’t possible to buy these things on the trip. Some tour operators may offer these things on board their cruise ships in limited quantities, but it is best not to leave it to chance.


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